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Trade-In & Buyback Trade-In & Buyback

Instacash develops & derives advanced and innovative smartphones buyback solutions on the web, on apps, on stores, for different type of organizations, tailored for their requirements

We believe in making the most of a device's value by trading-in your customer's devices and making the new affordable. We also buyback inventories and work on fixingany defective devices.

Trade in
Phone protection

Smartphone Protection Smartphone Protection

Smartphone today is the most essential extra limb of the human body, and we endeavour to protect it in the best possible way.

Using our cutting edge technology and innovative solutioning, we facilitate the right kind of mobile insurance policy for both new and used smartphones.

Smartphone Protection Assured Buyback

We believe in taking utmost care of the devices in system, and we also the customers who share our values. Therefore we're designed the most genuine smartphone buyback program with maximum future price assurance.

We aim to build loyalty and increase customer's affordability while upgrading.

Assured buyback
Phone for life

Phone for life Phone For Life

Our phone for life solution helps us offer a unique choice to your customer. Our phone for life program shall empower you to realise a new customer base by breaking the shackle of affordability and building loyalty along the way.

We get the new device funded with a future price assurance for a fixed lease term, so your customer upgrades to the latest model.

Enterprise solutions Enterprise Solution

We belive that opportunities increase when we help others win, because a little win for our partners is a big win for us, with that note we create solutions and mould our products to fulfil our partner's needs in the best possible way.

Enterprise solutions
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